Stuff I’d like to do before I’m not alive anymore

Experience the 23 hour sun and /or darkness in the extreme north

Drive across the country in a VW bus

Drive a car that goes 0-60 in 4 seconds (and make it happen)

Sing in public


Make someone really happy

Live in a walkable neighborhood

Catch a foul ball at a baseball game

Visit the land of my ancestors

Learn to take amazing photographs

We’ll see where this takes us…




Dad things #1

My dad took me to see David Cassidy when I was eight. I actually remember what I wore. A navy blue jumper that had gold buttons, white piping, and a flouncy red skirt. Under that was a navy and white spotted blouse. A very chic chiffon scarf held together with a gold slide-y ring thing adorned my neck.

I do not remember what my dad wore.

We’ll see where THIS takes us…

True confession #1

Spotty getting loved up by his cousin, Sock Munki

Spotty getting loved up by his cousin, Sock Munki

I still sleep with Spotty. He lives on my bed, next to the pillows. Whenever I pick him up for any reason, I give him a kiss. He’s been with me my entire life, so yeah, Spotty is also 51 years old. It’s been decided (by me), that he must accompany me to the afterlife as well.

Things that make living that much better

IMG_9271Here’s a list (in no particular order) of some stuff that I enjoy in this life. Feel free to add some of your little pleasures.


Nail polish

Diet Pepsi





Fresh flowers

Ceci beans

Hair color

Slutty shoes

Chocolate Chip Pancake Sunday


A few more added by some friends…

Sheets dried on the line


Home made bread




Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Words I love

Include but are not limited to:

  • ponder
  • whimsical
  • ruminate
  • courting
  • whilst
  • jollification
  • curmudgeon
  • davenport

I try to work these into conversation whenever possible. We’ll see where this takes us…

( my words kind of look like an hour glass. could this be foreshadowing…?)