Tintin…aaaarrre youuuuu…?



Tintin came to live with us 6018 days ago. That would be 16 years, 5 months, and 21 days, but who’s counting.

Phillip was not quite two, and Patrick just five when it was time to find a new companion. An already grown up, black tiger cat caught our eye and our hearts that day. She was estimated to be about a year old. When she came home with us that day, she sat on the sofa like she owned it. And she did.

Although she was an adult cat, Phillip called her a “kitten”…except…he couldn’t say, “kitten”. He said, “tintten”, which in very short order became, Tintin.

Tintin died today at almost 18 years old of kidney failure. She leaves behind Matty Cat, Katrina Greycat, and us.




“…but, we want the little black one…!”




…said the excited 11 year old Patrick. I said, “If you guys want the little black one, you pay the adoption fee.” And so it happened. The “little black one”, named Mindy (short for Midnight) by a very proud, 8 year old Phillip, was ours.

Mindy died today. We became her humans 8 years ago last week. Her kidneys failed. Again. This time for good.

She leaves behind, Katrina Greycat, Tintin, and Matty Cat (her mentor and best friend). And us.