Just a fact

So. I’ve already lived most of my life. I know what you’re thinking… How depressing… You’re still young… Why would you say something like that?!

It’s no big deal, really… It’s just a fact.

Yeah, the speed at which time passes startles me. Maybe more than I really care to admit. Where DID the time go? How did I get from here…

My dad and me  October 1962

My dad and me
October 1962

…to where I am? I LOVE my life. Now. That was not always true.The thing is, all of our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. What would you go back and change if you could? What would be the consequences? Would a small thing make an enormous difference… Or, would a really big thing, change little?

So much to ponder… We’ll see where this takes us…


5 thoughts on “Just a fact

  1. The wise in my life always tells the professor when he is brought to tears with frustration that the things so important, so earth shattering today… won’t matter a toot in a year or so! And yes time keeps on a moving; and yes at warp speed; keep that proper perspective indeed! It helps to be Punchyish you know….

  2. As you say, everything we’ve experienced is part of who we are today. I don’t believe that our decisions are “right” or “wrong” and I have no regrets, even though I certainly know there are things I could have done differently or better and, lord knows, there are times I could have been more kind. One way or another, our decisions and actions and just dumb luck all point our lives this way or that, and become part of us. I would not change a thing, even those that didn’t turn out so well. Well, ok, those unkind actions I would change. But I do what I can to avoid their parallels today, so . . .

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